A Harvey Product is hand built, one at a time, inevitably each house is a 'limited edition'. Each one is rare, Precious and highly exclusive.

"..majestic and strong and very polite.."

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Exclusive Made To Measure

Three perfect teams, the Interior design team with the backing of a solid experienced architectural team and a civil construction team, your project is always the best. Each project is assigned with a senior project coordinator, and a visualization specialist.


We firmly suggest the best electrical wires and fittings should be used with no compromise on quality, brand and strength. The best electrical conduit to be used, is high density plastic "Polypack". The best wires, we suggest are all multi core mm 1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0, 10.0mm Finolex, Havells etc.

Air Conditioner

We suggest you use the best of hot and cold VRV Air conditioning system on a ductable, out door mode by some of the best Air Condition system controls available in India eg., Daikin, Hittachi, mitsubishi, train etc. You could also go for the normal ductable A/C system or a cassette unit or a wall hung split at your choice at the appropriate need situation.

Stone Project Construction

We at Harvey's have understood Italian stone, its quality texture, and style more than anyother company professionally. We import our stone directly or buy them from bulk importers in India and abroad, which initially arrive in stone block's, but are further cut in various multi blade gang saw machines in Silvasa, Rajasthan, Nepal, Bhutan etc.

Leather Project Construction

Leather is one segment we recommend as a special effect, super Premium luxury in all our projects, for feature walls, special effect in the false ceiling area, special premium leather doors, leather premium hair- on floors and stitch leather flooring, in- sink with contemporary match leather fine furniture etc.

Plumbing Profile

We are confident and we recommend only the best of plumbing equipment for your homes.We on a strict note only recommend "Jindal Hissar" Gl Pipes and "Unique" fittings for your plumbing.

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