Service detailed description

Design Team


Three perfect teams, the Interior design team with the backing of a solid experienced architectural team and a civil construction team, your project is always the best.

I am sure by now our senior marketing team has convinced you about our expertise in the finish and construction of luxury spa residences.

Each project is assigned with a senior project coordinator, and a visualization specialist.

Your personal custom to design needs are understood and our visualization design team further make floor plans, which at every stage will be shown to you. Only with your approved signature, your project shall go ahead. Further at site special project drawings are made by our specialized architectural team, on the spot calculation and decisions are made in proportion to the project. Technical work drawing are now recalculated and shared with the construction team, further samples are made and shown to you and your project is on a graceful start.

Leather Project Construction Profile


Leather is one segment we recommend as a special effect, super Premium luxury in all our projects, for feature walls, special effect in the false ceiling area, special premium leather doors, leather premium hair- on floors and stitch leather flooring, in- sink with contemporary match leather fine furniture etc.

All leather used are special engineered Dakota skins, we import from around the world, well treated, cured, dyed and lacquered to perfection.

These premium leather products are further processed in our factory on special leather machines, such as Durkopp Adler [Germany], Ciucani Mocassino [Italy]

We at Harvey use a special stitch technique on all our leather panels, doors, floors, furniture etc .On leather we only use imported threads such as Coats nylobond ,Barbour threads [UK], ticket 10 to ticket 40, B- Mcfarland royal all round fish threads from [Portugal] etc.

One of our very special effect features is to match your s\s door handles with stitch leather cover, to match up your color, stitch and style. A rare, but an in house class combination and new innovation in custom design.

Remember leather is the highest level of material used in the premium luxury segment, mostly used in your custom design luxury high end car, super luxury private jets, and swanky cruise yachts.

How to use leather? or how to combine and merge leather with high end wood's, Italian stones, and its combination with semi precious stones, mother of pearl classic, green abalone, tiger shell, strass swarovski crystal etc. The knowledge and the experience are all yours from Harvey and his 'A' team.


Wood Cabinet Project

Our Kitchen, Wardrobe and Bathroom carcass cabinets are built out of water proof, termite proof, commercial ply alternate core [19 mm], to stand tail on [150 mm] German skirt legs.

Treatment of cabinet interior on your choice could be of two types [a] off white or grained laminate inner or [b] special treatment of a traditional linseed oil, with a topping of melamine lacquer PU spray, the all commercial look.

Our door shutters are specially custom built [19 mm] water proof, termite proof, commercial ply alternate core pressed on to wood veneer [4 mm]. You could chose natural wood from Burma Teak, German steam beach, American oak, Black cherry, white ash, topped with a smooth protection of melamine lacquer PU spray. We also have the exclusive platinum range of natural

wood eg. South African Mufasa Wenge, South African Massai Sapeli, Tropicano Zabrano etc.

We can also give you a special Swiss formula of waterproof color on your custom made front shutters. Soft wet pastel hues, all for your comfort.

We further suggest you select our " exclusive luxury collection" of heavy sliding wardrobe door shutters on wooden doors or alu styleGerman aluminum frame profiles, polished chrome, matt and sand moulded extract.

We at Harvey's have a special formula to build, kitchen and wardrobe [corners situations], an angle of difficulty for most Architects.

Your handles, hinges, drawers slides, till the last screw, are personally hand picked to help us patent our original style, all are originally from EUROPE, eg. Blum, Mepla, Titus, Henke Beschlage, Hettich, Hafele, etc.

Remember we at Harvey never use any Particle board or Chip board for any construction purpose.


Plumbing Profile

We are confident and we recommend only the best of plumbing equipment for your homes.

We on a strict note only recommend "Jindal Hissar" Gl Pipes and "Unique" fittings for your plumbing.

For a more premium segment we further suggest you use "Kamdhenu" s/s pipes, with matching s/s fittings.

[Copper and plastic PVC fittings are not recommended by us.]

Your large Cl pipes for waste water should and only be the best 'RIF' and its matching fittings only.

Your waste flush could be a direct line of Jaguar flush or an inbuilt flush system tank of Sanit, Gabbriet or Grohe.

Stone Project Construction

We at Harvey's have understood Italian stone, its quality texture, and style more than anyother company professionally. We import our stone directly or buy them from bulk importers in India and abroad, which initially arrive in stone block's, but are further cut in various multi blade gang saw machines in Silvasa, Rajasthan, Nepal, Bhutan etc.

The Italian stones we recommend best for flooring or cladding are Crema Marfel, Bottichino, Diana, Grey Willian, Black Marchiena, Travintino etc.

The Italian stones on the premium segment, can also be used for this purpose, namely Satvario, Onnax, Fossils, Semiprecious Fossil, stones etc. Utmost care is taken to give that fine cut, with the perfect blade and machine, for fixing joints we use special Italian stone adhersives like Tinax. Further filler chemicals are added on to the stone top, to be further rubbed down to a number of times, to a final Diamond polish finish. For further precaution we also suggest you add on a permanent chemical film of Teflon / Silicon coat on your final finish shine stone. Extension on the premium segment is a special effect by CNG machining, to create more magic with floor combination, we merge multiple design camouflage in metal, abalone pearl, hard wood etc. into stone.

A horological type excellence.

Sanitary Profile


Sanitary Fittings and selection of CP Tap faucet fittings are of various kinds and brands merged in tandem with our wood under cabinets, top stones and excellent tiles [atlas concord].

We strongly recommend you use the best from around the world, eg. Jacob Delafone, Duravit, Villeroy and Boch, Keramag, Kohlar, Gezzi, Grohe etc.

Some of the more modest priced products are American Standard, Moen, Ess Ess, Hindware, Jaquar etc.

This is a typical selection process which our in house design team will guide you and help you select, to your taste and budget.

Electrical Profile


We firmly suggest the best electrical wires and fittings should be used with no compromise on quality, brand and strength.

The best electrical conduit to be used, is high density plastic "Polypack".

The best wires, we suggest are all multi core mm 1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0, 10.0mm Finolex, Havells etc.

The final fittings on your decorative front look could be Legrand, Mk, Crabtree etc.

The final electric main controls could be a'12 way out box, with a combination of a various range of mcbs, elcb, dbs etc of Havells, Legrand, Indokopp etc.